Customised dust suppression solutions

Application national ports, mining sectors and agriculture


Dust control solutions

  • Dust Proof is an environmentally friendly natural polymer blended agent that entraps air borne dust particles
  • Dust Proof does not contain hazardous or corrosive chloride compounds and is considered 100% biodegradable

Applications of Dust Proof

  • National Ports - Mitigates all types of dust from the mining sector destined for export.
  • Mining Sectors - Iron ore, coal, platinum, gold, cement factories, copper, graphite, manganese, zinc and aggregate quarry operations.
  • Agriculture and crop protection - Greatly reduce or totally eradicate dust mites, improving overall yield quality.

Haul Road Dust Proof Application

  • Dust Proof is a binder of all mine dust types, iron ore manganese dust including agriculture gravel roads on farms

  • Blended Dust Proof application on gravel road penetrates and forms a hard crust surface of up 10cm depth

Take a look at Dust Proof in action

Benefits of Dust Proof

  • Mitigates dust on gravel road surfaces in national ports and the mining sectors
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 50%
  • Agriculture - Reduced levels of airborne pests, pathogens, red spider mites brow mites and spores in orchards and nurseries
  • Makes available water truck fleet size for alternative applications on sites
  • Decreases diesel consumption
  • Cost saving in driver wages due to less applications
  • Gravel Road – Improves haulage road conditions requiring up to 20% less maintenance

Health and Safety benefits

  • Improved driving conditions visibility and generally safer road conditions
  • Reduction in occupational hazards (in particular respiratory and related diseases)
  • No fire risk
  • No explosion risk
  • Road Repair - Improved haulage road condition requiring up to 20% less maintenance
  • Tyres (Reduces Rolling Resistance) increase lifespan by up to 7%

What our CUSTOMERS say

This letter serves to commend the services and product of Eco Friendly Products (Pty) Ltd. EFP (Pty) Ltd are dust suppression specialists, who have been supplying the port with a chemical binder for its gravel roads as well as the service to apply the previously mentioned product to the affected areas. EFP has worked on the TPT as well as MPT Terminals - Saldanha (TPT) since 2017 to date. EFP (Pty) Ltd is reliable and always available when additional services were required. The dust suppression product is of high quality and is mixed at consistent standards to produce a reliable product. I am confident about the services of EFP (Pty) Ltd and I can surely recommend their dust suppression product or services.

Rejean Viljoen Environmental and Quality (E&Q) Manager, Saldanha Terminal, Transnet Port Terminals

Dust Proof Services to prevent contamination: on agriculture crops, We have used EFP for dust suppression services on some of our mining haul roads in Mpumalanga for the past five years. Average road surface area is 600 000m2 requiring daily treatment. The service proved essential to prevent contamination of soya, maize and other crops on adjacent properties. We highly recommend the professional services of EFP which have delivered impeccable results for our mine.

Dale Packham Chief Executive Officer, ecca investments (pty) ltd, Illovo, Johannesburg

Dust Proof application for dust suppression: Reference document for work administered at our Krugersdorp and Tarlton depots where Eco Friendly Products have been providing a service for almost 4 years now. Eco Friendly Products was successful in obtaining the contract to supply dust suppression on our site and surrounding roads. The sites have inherent dust problems with contamination taking place in and around our gas service areas. Eco Friendly Products have provided a turn-key solution to our company by ensuring a dust free zone for our clients on the roads and in our depot area. We recommend their service and Dust Proof product for any dust eradication problems.

Madi Ramsamy CEO, Siyanda Oil Holdings (Pty) Ltd